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Yo, I'm Nami, star of BIG BAD MAMA-SAN, the first film in Switchblade's crazy new series of Japanese "Dekotora" Trucker movies. What, you didn't know the Japanese made trucker films? Well, they do, and thanks to the miracle of top-secret dubbing technology, they're coming at you in... well, technically it's English, although Trucker-ese might be a more accurate description. Because what's a trucker film without some "Breaker-breakers", "Yee-haw"s and Country Western? You can still watch in the original Japanese, of course, but the lunatics behind the dubs for anime titles like EXCEL SAGA and the infamous LAKE TEXARKANA GAMERA have hooked up with the rogue C&W band PC COWBOYS to turn BIG BAD MAMA-SAN into something uniquely hilarious and mind-shattering. Oh, and if you're wondering why I look like that girl who stars in the SULTRY ASSASSIN films, well, that's just a hell of a coincidence, even if we do have the exact same birthmarks when we're naked. Which I am a lot 'cause this IS a Switchblade release after all.

So come laugh your ass off as I show my mine when the high ballin' goes into high gear in BIG BAD MAMA-SAN


Available December 10, 2013... Just In Time For X-Mas!
But why just hope Santa will deliver when you can order now?
Stuff your own stocking with a Switchblade Pictures release and keep all the damn milk and cookies for yourself!

And Coming in 2014! The Insanity continues in SMOKEY & THE BUSHIDO!